Monday, August 9, 2010

Love and Marriage


This is going to be a sappy blog post.... sorry in advance :)

I am madly in love with my husband. I am very happy with they way my life has turned out. I have a beautiful home, a job that I love, an amazing family, etc.

Thinking back to my freshmen year of college, if someone would have told me I was going to marry Wolpert our Sorority's house boy. I would have said they were crazy! Chris and I met my freshmen year and were acquaintences for the next few years. I was interested in partying and being single and Chris wasn't even on my mind, and I wasn't on his either. Around Junior year we become close friends.... strictly friends. (I know there are people to this day that don't believe this) There was a lot of speculation about us because we hung out everyday, but like said before JUST AS FRIENDS! Towards the end of my Junior year he sat me down and told me that he couldn't be just friends with me anymore. He was falling for me. I had feelings toward him too, but wasn't quite ready. I was scared that if it didn't work out I was going to lose the best thing that ever happened to me. Being friends after a break up usually never lasts... needless to say as you all know that eventually I decided that it was worth seeing if we could work out. We then shared our first kiss and the rest is history!

Marriage is something sacred and not to be taken lightly. I get frustrated when people think that marriage isn't final and if it doesn't work out that there's always divorce. There are definitley some cases where divorce needs to happen, I am not saying that people should never get divorces. I am saying that marriage is hard, it isn't easy. It is something that you will work on for the rest of your life and will never be perfect. There will be good times and bad times and just because you may be going through a bad time... divorce isn't always the answer.

Chris and I have had our bad times and our good times. We are constantly learning about each other each and every day. There is no one else in the entire world that I would want to spend my life with. We have done so much in our three years of marriage. We bought a rental property, got 2 dogs, bought a house for oursleves, had a child, changed jobs, etc. We have built a lil' family of our very own.

I am proud of what Chris and I have accomplished in 3 short years and am excited to see what the future holds for us! I love Chris and Cara more than anything in the world and wouldn't trade my life for anything! :) Thanks for reading...


  1. sappy and wonderful. I hope everyone who reads this is happy for you and grateful for what they themselves have in their lives

  2. Beautiful. I feel so happy when people are grateful and thankful for their lives.