Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Wedding Season...

It's seems this summer everyone is getting married. Chris and I have 5...yes 5 weddings that we are invited to this summer, we have been to one so far. 4 left to go!!!! It is going to be an expensive next few months buying shower gifts, attending bachelor/bachelorette parties, and buying wedding gifts.

There are a million and one sites on how to do a wedding on a budget, but how about how to buy wedding presents on a budget? Weddings are a special event and it's not something that you can bring a $20.00 gift off of their registry too. A way to save money and get a very special gift for someone, is a site that I love called They have a ton of different inexpensive gifts to choose from. Some of my favorite are the wedding ornament that is on sale for $11.97 right now. What a great way for a newlywed couple to spend their first christmas together!

Another favorite is the wedding frame on sale for $19.95

Last but not least, this vase would make a great wedding or shower gift. It is $32.95....

Hope this gives everyone some great ideas on buying wedding gifts on a budget!

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